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  • DONATE TODAY! A Letter from Mark EdsonDear Friends of Camp Wewa: As you probably already know, Camp Wewa is a kid's summer camp nestled in pristine woodlands surrounded by lakes in Apopka, FL. Its been owned and operated by the YMCA of Central Florida for more than 62 years, with the sole purpose of offering kids and teens growth opportunities in self-confidence, leadership, friendship and faith, all while they're having…just a ridiculous amount of fun! At Camp Wewa, the emphasis is on outdoor fun and adventure, but the result is much greater than that. Adults who have looked back on memories of Camp Wewa often highlight experiences there as some of the very best of their lives. Our young campers gain valuable skills, expand their horizons, and learn that strength has more to do with the size of your heart than the size of your muscles. Our activities are designed to help them develop responsibility, self-esteem, leadership skills and create new friendships through teamwork. At Camp Wewa, strong Christian values are the foundation of all that we do, and even though our goal is to help campers grow, we never sacrifice the fun in the process. CLICK THE LINK TO READ MORE
  • Summer 2013, the return of trip campsYou may have heard the rumblings but today I am going to make it official, we are going to bring back the trip camps for this summer! Trip Camps use to be a huge part of Wewa with several trips going out every summer but because of some lean times in the late 90's and early 2000's, they stopped for some reason and were pretty much forgotten about. Fast forward to the fall and a conversation I had with Jim Ferber, the Y of Central Florida, who is one of the biggest Wewa supporters in the world, heck his daughter Allison came and worked for us! He was happy with the growth of camp last summer and needled me about how many full sessions we had and he said, "You know what you ought to be doing, you have no more beds in camp but you have the whole state of Florida to use, use it! But I don't want any plain old trips camps, I want something new, something fun, something hey can do in a week and they better learn something while they are doing it because that is what Wewa parents want!" So ever since Chance and I have been working on creating some really fun but also educational trips for our teens and I can tell you, that I am pretty darn excited about them! CLICK THE TITLE TO READ MORE