Check out the latest website updates!

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We know it has been a LONG TIME since we have made major updates to the site. The waiting is over! Over the next few days, you will experience small changes that will make a HUGE impact in the way you navigate YMCAWEWA.ORG. Some of the improvements include:

- A new landing page featuring a video with direct links to the top features.

- Improved touch navigation for users on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.

- Same experience whether you are using Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, or Safari browsers.

- The Main Page has been transformed to showcase the latest articles and announcements.

We hope you enjoy these changes. Stay tuned, more is coming!

DONATE TODAY! A Letter from Mark Edson

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Dear Friends of Camp Wewa:

As you probably already know, Camp Wewa is a kid’s summer camp nestled in pristine woodlands surrounded by lakes in Apopka, FL. Its been owned and operated by the YMCA of Central Florida for more than 62 years, with the sole purpose of offering kids and teens growth opportunities in self-confidence, leadership, friendship and faith, all while they’re having…just a ridiculous amount of fun!

At Camp Wewa, the emphasis is on outdoor fun and adventure, but the result is much greater than that. Adults who have looked back on memories of Camp Wewa often highlight experiences there as some of the very best of their lives. Our young campers gain valuable skills, expand their horizons, and learn that strength has more to do with the size of your heart than the size of your muscles. Our activities are designed to help them develop responsibility, self-esteem, leadership skills and create new friendships through teamwork. At Camp Wewa, strong Christian values are the foundation of all that we do, and even though our goal is to help campers grow, we never sacrifice the fun in the process.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to attend Camp Wewa, and money should never be an obstacle to enjoying this unique and enriching experience. Thanks to the trust and generosity of families, individuals, corporations and foundations, our scholarship program offers financial assistance to campers who would otherwise be unable to attend camp. Last year, more than 150 campers attended Wewa thanks to the support of these donors. We are so humbled and thankful for this generosity.

In these tough times, the demand for financial assistance is greater than ever. In an effort to increase the number of scholarships for the 2012 camp season, we ask for your generous donation in our campaign to help make camp accessible for every child. All donations are tax deductible and every penny raised goes directly to sending kids to camp.

If you would like more information on YMCA Camp Wewa, please call us at
(407) 886-1240.  Thank you for your time!



Mark Edson

Summer 2013, the return of trip camps

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Yes it took a while but we wanted to make sure we got it right, the contracts signed and agendas settled before unveiling them to you.  We scoured the Nation and talked to experts throught the state and the USA to make sure we exceeded all the industry standards for safety while still giving your children the trip of a lifetime!
We are going to offer three separate week long camps, a Florida Keys Sailing trip, a Florida Eco Tour and a Florida Water Sports trip as well as two different weekend Saddle and Paddle Trip camps.  Obviously this is a pretty daunting task to pull off so we hired the amazing Adrian Brumby to oversee and be one of the counselors on all these trips.  She will have two other seasoned counselors going with her every week.  We are following all the standards of the American Camp Association plus the Y-USA guidelines on Trip Camps for your campers safety.
Florida Keys Sailing Trip (July 6-July 12) Ages 12-16

The Dreamcatcher

2012's Wewa Keys Trippers

2012's Wewa Keys Trippers

This trip will take us to Key West.  After setting sail off Little Torch Key, trippers will get the full experience of sailing the 74’ steel schooner—the Dream Catcher. Under the direction of Captain John Duke, trippers will sail for 5 days throughout the Florida Keys stopping at only the most surreal locations. As part of the crew you are responsible for cooking, cleaning, setting sail, sailing, anchoring, rowing the long-boat Aida, and even swabbing the deck. You will become part of a functioning team! The trip is full of swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and learning about nature while learning the basics of sailing.  Please note that this camp starts on a Saturday morning and goes all the way through til the following Friday.  In addition to Adrian and two other Wewa staff, we will also be bringing a licensed nurse on the trip with us for your peace of mind!
Price – Members – $1,250 Non-Members-$1300
10:00 AM – Arrival at Wewa
11:00 AM-   Low Ropes teambuilding
12:30 PM – Lunch in Dining Hall
1:30 PM – Tubing/Swim
4:00 PM – Outdoor Living Skills/Pack for trip
6:00 PM – Dinner in Dining Hall
10:00 PM – Pack Bus for overnight trip to Key West
7:30 AM – pick up final boat supplies and leave for boat
9:00 AM – arrive on boat, Safety Orientation, deck talk,food stowage, and departure for Boca Grande Key snorkel at Sand Key or Cottrell Key, sleep at Boca Grande,fishing
Sail to Cosgrove Shoal for Marine study and snorkeling.Anchor overnight at Marquesas Keys.Longboat row ,kayak to keys
Row to interior Marquesas for snorkel then depart for Western Dry Rocks for a great reef exploration. Sleep Key West Harbor
Sail for reef for more snorkeling ,blue water sailing and fishing .Sleep at Mule Key
Basin ,fish and swim
Sail for reef for more snorkeling ,blue water sailing and fishing .Sleep at Mule Key
Basin ,fish and swim
4:00 PM – depart boat, Bus ride to Camp
2:00 AM – Arrive back at Camp Wewa
9:00 AM – Breakfast at Dining Hall
10:00 AM – Participate in Wewa activities/Wrap up
2:00 PM – Parent Ceremony/Parent Pick up
Website for the boat we will be on…


Camp Wewa Trip Camps 2013

Florida Extreme Adventures June 16-21

Teens on this trip will get to challenge themselves
in self confidence building activities.
Campers will go on a wide variety of activites including riding horses,
mountain biking, night canoe trips, climbing and experience the tallest and
fastest zip lines in the state.  Trip is
designed to get teens outside their comfort zone and build self confidence

Water Sports Trip Camp  July 21-26

Through a partnership with Ron Jon’s, we will go
through Surfing classes and then head to the beach.  Our team of lifeguards and water sports pros
guide them in wake boarding, water skiing and paddle boarding while camping out
on some of Florida’s best beaches while also visiting eco-tourist sites each
night.  Trip is designed to allow campers
to become more proficient in water sports while learning about our unique
environmental habitat.

Do you know where your summer counselors are?

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Social media can be a wonderful thing. It allows us to give parents real time updates on what their kids are doing at camp, shows them photos of their campers every day and allows parents to see what camp is all about. In the offseason, we use it as well to let parents know of upcoming events and the latest registration news.

It also allows me to keep track on my staff throughout the year. For those of you who don’t know, Chance and I spend a lot of our offseason getting the best staff possible for our summer camp. It is a hard task because we have so many wonderful people who think they can cut it as a Wewa counselor but it is a hard job and we only have so many spots each year. We all know they are great with the kids and we see the hundreds of photos of them dressed up as super heroes, pirates and Santa’s elves but most people probably think about what they are doing when Summer Camp is not happening.

When I wandered onto twitter today, I saw an article from the University of Florida student newspaper featuring our own Scooter Magruder who has become a youtube hit creating videos ( His last two videos will both top over 50,000 views! Then a few moments later, I see a tweet that Michelle Boughan is working as an Intern at the Florida Senate! We have counselors from last summer who are competing at national level Rodeo competitions, we have one who does modeling shoots, another who is planning a mission trip to Liberia, many who are Honor Roll students in High School and Deans List in college and even more who are also varsity athletes at their high school and college and one who is getting ready to be an actual “rocket scientist” for NASA. It is amazing to me how they can fit it all into their lives and still have time in the summer to completely fall off the grid for 10 weeks and give 100% of their time and energy to being a Wewa superhero.

I’ve been blessed to see former my former Wewa and Dr Phillips YMCA staff alums from the last decade become YMCA Program and Membership Directors, big time Sports Radio Show hosts, lawyers, pageant queens, teachers, signers with record deals at major labels, police officers, ad executives and a whole lot more. Makes me excited every year at this time of year as we receive over 150 applications from around the country for less than 20 jobs to think about what this next crop of Wewa alumni will bring to the table and which Alumni I will be highlighting in future blogs!

To Apply to be a Wewa counselor, please fill out the application found by clicking this link!